Ching Cheung Chau Llama Lamma Lala Mama

I’m hoping that by the end of this post, you understand the reasoning behind the title of this post, but chances are you probably won’t. At least not fully. I’m sorry I make these silly things up.

I’ve spent part of these past two weekends exploring two different Hong Kong islands. With my days left in Hong Kong numbered, (I can actually count them using my fingers 😥 ) I’m trying to cram everything I haven’t done into these last few days. Last week I visited Lamma Island, and the week before that I biked around Cheung Chau Island. It was a bit shocking seeing how different the two islands are from the Hong Kong I’ve grown so used to. For starters, except for the occasional police car or ambulance, no cars are driven on either island and as such, people walk or bike to get around.

People over there live much simpler lives and I couldn’t help but invite the calm atmosphere into me and embrace the serenity while biking up and down the steep hills in Cheung Chau, and walking along the family trail at Lamma Island. Sometimes it’s just great to escape the hustle and bustle in the city and experience a few hours of calm, and Cheung Chau and Lamma Islands are two great places to do just that. (I would also recommend visiting the Chi Lin Nunnery at Diamond Hill, it’s amazing what that place does to you and your peace of mind). Here are my photos though:

ImageAll the bikes right outside the ferry pier at Lamma Island. It was the same scene (just with a lot more bikes) at Cheung Chau Island.

ImageBy the pier at Cheung Chau Island

ImagePeople work so hard here, up until they physically can’t anymore. I felt so bad for her back :s

ImageSome houses in Cheung Chau

ImageWe had to carry our bikes up the steep climb along the “Little Great Wall.” One thing I won’t recommend (the bike-carrying) and will never do again.

ImageWe went to this vegetarian restaurant on Lamma Island called Bookworm Cafe and I loved the quotes strewn all over the room. The food was amazing and it was a very cozy space!

ImageI saw all this happy graffiti along the family trail at Lamma Island. I decided to put them together 🙂



ImageMy recent obsession. “The flower itself symbolizes complete purity and perfection because it rises beautiful and without blemish from the mud.”

ImageA local dessert. Pumpkin mochi? 

I notice I upload a lot more photos in my posts now. Not so sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Anyways, to explain a little bit (at least) of this blog title, here’s the last one:



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