Christmas in Hong Kong

I guess the Christmas season is big everywhere, but I’ve been really impressed by the Christmas decorations I’ve come across all over Hong Kong. Detail is key, and they’ve certainly not missed out on any with their Christmas displays. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, especially because recently, it’s the one time of the year I get to spend at HOME with my family and friends. Also, my mum is a Christmas day baby so we always have double the celebration (and cake! ^_^ ) I have a lot of photos so I won’t write much. Enjoy!


ImageYou know, just the typical Swarovski crystal-decorated Christmas tree.

ImageThe car I’m going to win. Did I ever mention how one in four private cars on the roads of Hong Kong is a Mercedes? I completely just made this statistic up, but from my observation, that’s what it seems like.

ImageMore crystals. This display was still under construction. I should probably go back soon to see what it looks like now.


ImageI had to get to the top!




ImageIt was so cool watching the egg open up and close shut.



And of course, my favorite. Thank you, Ted Baker store at Pacific Place!



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