City University of Hong Kong – SU Abroad

Some weeks ago, my dad suggested I blog about the school I’m studying in and the program that’s making it happen. I’ve been a student at City University of Hong Kong these past 7 weeks, and I have been taking a mix of Political Science, History, Business, and Language courses. The program I am on is hosted by Syracuse University, New York and as a result, I am living with a good number of SU students (Funny how my school, Villanova University and SU are supposed basketball rivals). The thing about my program (at least the option I chose) is that I do not take classes with the local students at City University. We have our own classes in smaller groups taught by some exquisite professors and real world big-timers. So in actual fact, I’m not a full-time student at City U. I just have partial access to its campus and many amenities. I haven’t been able to take many flattering photos of the beautiful campus yet, but here are a few random pictures I happen to have taken during my stay here thus far. More and better photos coming soon!

ImageThis is the first thing I see once I get out of the train station on my way to class


ImageWhere all the magic happens i.e. where majority of my classes take place

ImageThis is the small computer room in the building that I have most of my classes. I’m usually here between classes wasting time on the internet studying for my next class, replying emails and printing out handouts and PowerPoints for classes.

I’ve been enjoying my stay here, and time seems to be flying by. I’ve got finals in like 3 weeks! Wish me luck!


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