Museums + Temples…what real tourists do.

Today, a group of us had a class field trip to the famous Museum of History and some three temples dispersed around Hong Kong. I don’t have much to say, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

ImageThese were the steps right outside the Museum. I think they’re pretty cool, kind of 3D-like.




The Chi Lin Buddhist Temple was my personal favorite. It was extremely beautiful and serene. I felt so calm and at peace and I honestly didn’t want to leave! It was so relaxing listening to the birds chirping, the water flowing in the ponds, and the dull recording chanting Buddhist verses. We all felt like we were in some isolated area far from civilisation when in fact, we were smack in the middle of the city with surrounding skyscrapers. There were so many beautiful large gold statues of Buddha all over the temple (that I wasn’t allowed to take photos of) and it was interesting seeing how much detail was put into the design and building of the temple.

One of the things our professor/tour guide mentioned was that the buildings in the Temple were all built with wood and without the use of any iron nails. Well, guess what we found…



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2 Responses to Museums + Temples…what real tourists do.

  1. lijiun says:

    Hi! Thanks for your post. Look at the 99% of no nail being used in the temple and not zoom into 1 tiny nail. May you be Happy and Well! Cheers!

    • Thank you for your comment but please do not take this post the wrong way. I found Chi Lin very beautiful. I don’t care if they used nails or not, it was meticulously designed and built and I appreciated the serene environment and loved the temple. I just found it a bit funny that we actually found one. And we didn’t go searching for nails in the temple if that is what you think.

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