Martial Arts! Btw, I apologize for the crappy photo in advance.

So I woke up still drunk this morning (my first time ever, never again) after a crazy night and completely forgot I had signed up for a martial arts class today. Luckily enough, I didn’t think to wear sandals or flats or even worse/impossible, heels, and my FEED TOMS served me well. I was still dressed inappropriately for the session though, but luckily again, I wasn’t wearing a dress or a skirt which would have been a not-so-fun debacle. The girl next to me in the photo, Alma, is clad in the ideal attire for this sort of thing. But it was so much fun and I Iearnt a few new moves. Watch out, midnight pilferers and rapists!

Because I Ieft home a bit discombobulated, I forgot my camera and had to rely on my phone again for the photo-taking. Needless to say, my phone’s camera is simply not holding up. Someone tell RIM to sell to Samsung or Apple! I was only able to have one photo taken, at the beginning of the class. The rest of it was pretty intense and I couldn’t exactly stop our dear instructor, William mid-kick to ask a wandering loiterer to take photos of our amazing awesomeness.


I can still hear us shouting, “HEI! HA!”

It had also rained about an hour before the class, so we were all mercilessly attacked by mosquitoes. I just thought I’d add that bit.

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