FNO Hong Kong!


I was SO pleased to attend Fashion’s Night Out, HK yesterday. Although I wasn’t able to stay to meet all the celebrities whom I may or may not have been able to identify, (Darn you, classes!) I had an amazing time at the two Lane Crawford stores I visited. The drinks and food kept coming, and I can confidently say they sure know how to throw a party! The stores were both beautifully decorated, and the designer displays were très magnifique! I’m not sure if I was allowed to take photos of the items and displays, but I was able to get away with that, thank goodness. I bought one of the charity shirts, and had a fun time customizing it.


I think I did a great job, if I must say so myself. I won another T-shirt because I bought something in the store, so I don’t feel as bad for how much I paid for the first. Along with the fact that the money is going to charity.


One of the beautiful displays. Alexander McQueen, I believe. Someone needs to get me a job/internship in the fashion world!


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College student studying abroad. Not trying to "discover myself" or anything...
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