Finally found a church…and some food!

I did some exploring on my own today. I didn’t leave my room till about 2:30pm, and because all the food I have consists of a limited stash of plantain chips, I was incredibly hungry by the time I decided to get up and go. I am staying in this area called Hung Hom, in the Kowloon district. It’s pretty small, but extremely busy and of course, overpopulated. I walked around the area a little bit, and was able to get a reliable sim card. I finally have a Hong Kong number, itches! After my very thorough research, I soon enough discovered a Catholic church…


…that offerss mass in ENGLISH!


All I can say right now is thank You, God for the geniuses that created, and continue to develop, Google Maps. Although without You, they wouldn’t have been able to. But let me not get into that. Back to my excitement! I didn’t realize I’d be able to find one so close by! I honestly believed I would have to take multiple trains and buses to get to one that offers mass in English. *Does moonwalk + Dougie + breaks into Gospel song* God got me here, there’s NO way I won’t be praising Him all through this adventure.

After all this, I just HAD to eat. I stopped by a bakery and bought half a loaf of bread for the equivalent of 77 cents. Can someone say #Winning? This place is amazing. I obviously wasn’t planning on eating that many slices of bread at a time, so I walked to a street side restaurant and ordered the yummiest dumplings I have EVER tasted!


I got an order of boiled pork dumplings and best believe I used those chopsticks like.a.boss. B-) Anyone who knows me knows I suck at holding chopsticks alone. Not to mention actually using them to pick up food and shove it into my mouth. Needless to say, I got many amused faces and awkward stares during my meal. I’m not sure what exactly is in these things (except the pork, of course) but five of them definitely filled me up. I’m also not too sure why I’ve been drinking a lot of soda here. Maybe because I’m still too much of a chicken to try the local soybean milk, jelly milk tea, tapioca milk tea, and so on. You can’t exactly blame me, right?

Did I mention how all that (not much, but still) cost $2.70?


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